Mercury Extraction

Mercury is a very dangerous and poisonous metal contained in dental amalgams.  This neurotoxic metal has an important impact on the central nervous system that can cause a high variety of disorders and health conditions.

At CeraRoot CLINIC we are specialised in the safe removal of mercury amalgams. For this procedure it is very important to follow a very strict protocol to ensure the safety of our patients and our staff.  We are members of the IAOMT which is an international organisation providing protocols for the safe removal of mercury amalgams.

Pre op

Cavity after amalgam removal

Cad/cam restoration

Safety measures 

We give activated charcoal supplement to rinse and swallow. Charcoal absorb any metal from the amalgam and thus prevents toxicity.

Before the mercury amalgam is removed, there are a number of protection and safety measures to be done in order to avoid toxicity both for the patient and the professionals.  This includes, complete coverage of body, and face, oxigen masc, 3 simultaneous sections, rubber dam to isolate the tooth from the oral cavity. 

During the dental procedure, special drills are used for metals and that avoid heating tha could generate mercury vapours. 

The room is very well ventilated with an air extraction system directly to the outside of the building. The AC is individualized for every treatment room to avoid any cross contamination or toxicity between patients. 

Case example 

PRE OP:  A patient that needs to restore multiple teeth including removal mercury amalgams and replacing a hopeless tooth with an implant

STEP 1: the hopeless molar is extracted and replaced with a ceramic implant (metal-free)

STEP 2: isolation of the area with a rubber tham to protect the oral cavity from the metals removed. 

STEP 4: the teeth are restored with ceramic cad/cam materials for the large cavities, and composite for the small restorations.