The Oliva brothers built the new CeraRoot CLINIC in 2019 on a plot between Les Franqueses and Granollers (map). The access to the clinic is very convenient as we are next to large communication channels that allow patients to access quickly, and also the parking is guaranteed just in front of our center. Patients with reduced mobility can enjoy direct access, without any architectural impediment, and obviously the center has its corresponding lift between floors.

ceraroot clinic ground floor

The clinic occupies an area of 1,000 m2 with very large spaces to give comfort to our patients. It is a separate building with 2 floors where the ground floor is dedicated to the reception, administration and waiting room, while the first floor is the clinical area where the dental treatments are performed.

ceraroot clinic first floor

The first floor is the clinical area and restricted access for patients to guarantee maximum hygiene and safety. Spacious spaces with great luminosity distribute the treatment areas to guarantee the privacy and comfort of the patients.

ceraroot clinic treatment units

Each patient is treated individually in a separate box of about 30m2, with the best equipment and technology of the moment. The treatment areas are completely empty of movement. In this sense, to ensure the maximum hygiene and disinfection of the spaces, all the clinical furniture is mobile and distributed with treatment cars. In this way, depending on the procedure to be performed we use a specific furniture that already has all the instruments and materials necessary for that procedure, thus optimizing the ergonomics and efficiency.

ceraroot clinic treatment units

All the spaces have a great luminosity given by the large windows distributed on all sides and cover of the building.

Regarding the climate, we have totally independent machines for each room to be able to individualize the temperature to each patient. However, the rooms are fitted with an air filter and renewal system to ensure that the air is hygienic and to remove pollutant particles from the environments.

Dental aspiration systems expel 100% of the air outside so that no odors or pollutants are generated inside the clinic.