cerec at ceraroot clinic


At CeraRoot CLINIC we have the most advanced cad / cam restoration systems such as CEREC. With this system, a 3D intraoral camera captures the area of the tooth to restore. The virtual tooth restoration is then created using the cad / cam software and transferred to a milling machine for immediate production. The finished ceramic restoration inserts into the mouth a moment later. (

planmeca romexis at ceraroot clinic

Radiology 3D

PLANMECA's Romexis is an advanced software suite that provides a rich set of tools to meet medical imaging requirements. We can visualize the available bone and plan the optimal implant position. Finally, a surgical guide is made with a 3D printer.


formlabs 3d printing at ceraroot clinic

3D Printing

With 3D printing we can use different materials to produce custom-made surgical guides and models in our practice. The quality and precision of these printed devices are much higher than hand-made devices.


telemedicine at ceraroot clinic


We have a video camera integrated into the surgical lamps to make recordings of certain procedures and online training via streaming.


isolite at ceraroot clinic


An innovative system that provides isolation, illumination, retraction and separation of the tongue and cheek to protect and give security to the patient, as well as great suction to eliminate water from the mouth and thus give comfort to the patient.


adec treatment units at ceraroot clinic

A-dec 500

The best dental chairs on the market, to give the best comfort to patients, as well as the best technology for dental professionals.


leyca microscope at ceraroot clinic


It helps us to visualize better in certain dental treatments in which vision is key to achieving the optimal result.


mercury amalgam colector at ceraroot clinic

Mercury filter

With the Dürr Dental Mercury CA 4 collector, we avoid that the withdrawal of mercury from patients ends up contaminating the environment. The waste collection service periodically collects and processes it properly.


durr power tower  at ceraroot clinic

Power Tower Silence

En la sala de máquinas que tenemos 2 torres de aspiración y compresión que funcionan sincronizadas y en tándem. En caso de avería siempre queda el otro máquina en funcionamiento sin interferir en los tratamientos de los pacientes. El 100% del aire aspirado se expulsa al exterior, garantizando así un aire limpio y saludable en el interior del edificio.


w&H autoclave at ceraroot clinic


With the 2 Lina autoclaves from W & H they sterilize all dental instruments with the best guarantee and traceability for patient safety.


implantmed at ceraroot clinic


These motors are used in the placement of dental implants and give us the maximum guarantee and reliability.


tigon at ceraroot clinic


The W&H Tigon system for performing dental hygiene with the best comfort for the patient.