Ceramic Implants

Ceramic vs Metal

Ceramic implants are the best solution for tooth replacement, because they are much more biocompatible and aesthetic than the traditional Titanium metal implants.

In 2004 the Oliva brothers developed the CeraRoot Implant System. These implants are made of zirconia which is a ceramic with optimal biocompatibility and mechanical properties.

Today the leading dental clinics in the world are using the CeraRoot products and clinical protocols proposed by the Oliva brothers.

Ceramic implants with cemented ceramic crowns.

Ceramic implants, also called zirconia or zirconium implants, are the best alternative to metal (titanium) implants, especially for patients with allergies or intolerances. The gum adheres firmly to the surface of the implant thus preventing bacterial colonization present in the joints, connections and screws of metal implants.

Melissa test with Titanium allergy


With the Melisa Test, we can diagnose cases of allergy and sensitivity to metals and then proceed with their safe removal.


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Extraction of Titanium implants

In cases diagnosed with Titanium allergy, we have implant extraction systems in a simple and atraumatic way that facilitates the replacement by a ceramic implant in the same intervention.