ceraroot clinic doctors team

Dr. Josep Oliva – periodontics and implant dentistry specialist

Dr. Xavi Oliva – orthodontics and implant dentistry specialist

Dr. Tetyana Stefanska - prosthodontics  and esthetic dentistry specialist

Dr. Lin Wang - cad/cam and digital dentistry specialist

Dr. Eliana Sabreen - general dentistry specialist

ceraroot ceramic implants for central incisors

The Oliva brothers invented the CeraRoot implant system which has become the leading ceramic implant company in the world. The excellent biocompatibility of the material and the great aesthetic results make this material the first choice for tooth replacement.

mercury amalgam removal

Mercury is a very poisonous metal present in the dark fillings in the mouth. At CeraRoot CLINIC we are specialised in the safe extraction of such heavy metals with a very strict protocol to ensure that there is no risk for your health .

invisalign clear aligners

There’s never been a better time to straighten your teeth with the most advanced clear aligner in the world.

The great advantages of the cad/cam software and milling machines, allow us to simulate a virtual new design of your smile in the computer, and then transfer this test into your mouth in plastic resin. This design proposal is adjusted and modified according to your indications and after your approval the final ceramic aesthetic teeth are produced.