BBC – PANORAMA – Poison in the Mouth – (1994)

Startling documentary shows evidence of brain damage from Mercury in silver amalgam fillings. Most dentists who deny mercury is harmful, will remove them without precautions and can cause a relapse or an equivalent of over 10 years mercury exposure in one go if they drill them out, so if you think you need to remove and replace them, be sure to search out a qualified dentist who uses correct procedures to remove & replace them with safe alternatives like ceramic fillings, or else leave them in until they need replacing if you have had them for ages, and get ceramic ones or a safe alternative to mercury amalgam. The IAOMT gives guidelines for the removal of mercury amalgam fillings in a safe way, as you will need to go on a mercury detox program before and after taking them out to rid your body of the amount of mercury you will absorb during extraction, as no matter how many precautions taken, you will still be exposed to very high levels, so will need detox, but be careful, research this well if you dec…all »

Relación del Mercurio con la pérdida de visión.

Revisión bibliográfica

La literatura científica muestra que el Mercurio, agente altamente tóxico, esta di-rectamente relacionado con alteraciones del Sistema Nervioso Central. Por este motivo, la visión, puede quedar afectada por la exposición al mercurio.

A continuación detallamos diferentes artículos científicos referentes a la relación Mercurio – Pérdida de visión:

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