COVID-19 Protocol


To determine if you are a candidate for emergency dental treatment we proceed to perform the triage recommended by the health authorities. Please fill out the form below: COVID-19.

Then read carefully the information and instructions for the safety and protection of patients and dental professionals.

Before coming to the clinic:

  • Fill in the form and consent: COVID-19

  • Wash your hands for 1 minute with soap before coming to the clinic.

  • Rinse your mouth for 2 minutes with a toothbrush and 2 minutes with a mouthwash before coming to the clinic

  • Come to the clinic alone. In the case of minors, parents can wait inside their car right in front of the building. We will be in close contact with Whatsapp.

  • Wear your mask on.

  • Do not wear jewelry, watches or other accessories.

  • The visits will be reserved online using our payment gateway or bank transfer since we do not accept payments in the clinic during the pandemic.

Clinical protection measures:

Patient - in the main entrance

  • Hand washing with hydroalcoholic solution

  • Shoe covers

  • Gloves

  • Head cover

  • Mask

Patient - during dental treatment

  • Safety glasses

  • Rinse with disinfectant mouthwash for 2 minutes

  • All administration tasks will be performed by email or phone. We will send you the invoice by email.

  • Payments will be done by the payment in our payment gateway or by bank transfer.


  • Hand washing with soap

  • Hand washing with hydroalcoholic solution

  • Double gloves

  • Tychem waterproof jumpsuit

  • 3M facial mask

  • 3M P100 particle filter

  • Safety glasses

  • Face shield

Clinica area

  • Disinfection of surfaces with HOCl.

  • Disinfection and air ventilation between patient and patient HOCl.

  • Sterilization of all instruments used in autoclave.

Not clinic area.

  • Disinfection 3 times a day of air with HOCl

  • Disinfection of all surfaces with HOCl.

  • Daily disinfection of toilets with HOCl.